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Fluvoxamine Data Unveiled as Promising Early Treatment in Patients with Mild COVID-19

October 6, 2020
The COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (CETF), which is administered by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, a 501(c)(3) organization created to ensure the rapid and successful completion of outpatient clinical trials of existing drugs that lead to effective early treatments for COVID-19, today announced the results of a recently funded outpatient clinical trial at Washington University in St. Louis that examined the viability of fluvoxamine in patients with mild COVID-19.


July 20, 2020
9+ outpatient clinical trials planned with the goal of reducing COVID-19-related hospitalizations and deaths by 75%

Media Mentions

The pandemic is rewriting the rules of science. But at what cost?

October 19, 2020
CETF Founder Steve Kirsch highlights the importance of quickly identifying and repurposing existing drugs to treat COVID-19 early.

Bloomberg Podcast- Fluvoxamine Trial Results

October 14, 2020
Dr. Lisa Danzing, Chief Medical Advisor at CETF, discusses the promising results of the CETF-funded clinical trial of Fluvoxamine as an early treatment for COVID-19.

Science News- New treatments aim to treat COVID-19 early, before it gets serious

August 24, 2020
CETF Chief Medical Officer Dr. Lisa Danzig discusses the promising potential treatments we are funding.

San Francisco Business Times- Tech entrepreneur Steve Kirsch needs $20M to grant old drugs new life against Covid

August 20, 2020
An overview of CETF and the importance of testing repurposed drugs to find COVID-19 treatments.

KCBS Radio- Millions Still Needed To Fund COVID-19 Early Treatment Research

August 3, 2020
CETF Founder Steve Kirsch answers the top questions from KCBS Radio's listeners around treating the coronavrius with existing drugs.

Yahoo Finance- Tech Entrepreneur Seeks COVID-19 Treatment Using Existing Drugs

July 28, 2020
CETF Founder Steve Kirsch discusses why we can't wait for a COVID-19 vaccine, the importance of researching existing drugs now, and our work to raise funds for outpatient trials to identify effective treatments ASAP.

Bloomberg Podcast- Using Existing Drugs to Treat COVID-19

July 20, 2020
CETF Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Lisa Danzig spoke with Bloomberg Businessweek about the importance of looking for existing drugs to treat COVID-19.

Brand On Purpose Podcast- Steve Kirsch

July 15, 2020
COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund founder Steve Kirsch joins Aaron to discuss why he started the world's only organization 100% focused on funding the most promising drugs and treatments for COVID-19. A Serial Entrepreneur’s Quest To Save Lives After Saving His Own

July 2, 2020
Silicon Valley entrepreneur and computer whiz Steve Kirsch is no stranger to tackling tall challenges with creative solutions.

News 8 WTNH Article on Yale Clinical Trial

June 10, 2020
Researchers like Dr. Vinetz though are working to find a way to fight back. The Yale School of Medicine scientist is leading the first outpatient clinical trial in the country okayed by the FDA.

CETF and Steve Kirsch featured in Inside Philanthropy

June 4, 2020
Silicon Valley entrepreneur and philanthropist Steve Kirsch says a key research avenue is being ignored: the identification of a drug or drugs to prevent progression into serious illness, hospitalization or death in newly infected patients.

New York Times- Treating Mild COVID Symptoms Could Help Save Everyone

May 22, 2020
Acting before or very soon after an infection is the best way to handle most acute viral diseases. Why aren’t we focusing on that with Covid-19?

Philanthropy News Digest- Early Treatment Fund Supporting Outpatient Drug Trials

May 20, 2020
A fund created by Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur and philanthropist Steve Kirsch is supporting research on COVID-19 treatments that can be administered immediately after infection.

The Mercury News- How America Can Beat The Coronavirus and Save Lives

May 20, 2020
When it comes to the coronavirus, we shouldn’t have to choose between preserving the economy and saving lives. We can do both without waiting for a vaccine. Here’s how:

CBSN Bay Area's Len Kiese Interviews Steve Kirsch

May 15, 2020
CBSN Bay Area's Len Kiese interviews Silicon Valley entrepreneur and medical philanthropist, Steve Kirsch.

Dr. Prasanna Jagannathan Interview With CBSN Bay Area

May 14, 2020
Coronavirus Update: Stanford Doctors Begin Clinical Trial Of New Treatment For COVID-19 Patients.

ABC7 News- Stanford leads clinical trial for possible COVID-19 treatment

May 13, 2020
A special tent is already up outside the Stanford Medical Center, where researchers are leading a clinical trial into a possible drug treatment for COVID-19.

SF Chronicle Article on COVID Treatment by Steve Kirsch

May 13, 2020
Finding a treatment that transforms the coronavirus from a deadly disease to a minor inconvenience would change the world fast.

Dr. Prasanna Jagannathan Interview on NBC Bay Area

May 12, 2020
If you have COVID-19, Stanford Health Care may be able to help you right away. Stanford is looking for volunteers to take part in a new trial, and it wants to treat patients almost immediately after testing positive. Dr. Prasanna Jagannathan talks with Raj Mathai about the trial and the treatment.

Medium Article On Treating COVID Early by Steve Kirsch

May 12, 2020
Treating COVID-19 early is key, but we need funding for the clinical trials now

The Mercury News- Early COVID Treatment Article

May 10, 2020
A new clinical trial at Stanford University is part of an emerging movement to find COVID-19 medicines that can be given almost immediately after infection, before the virus gains a firm foothold in the body.
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