Help find a
COVID-19 treatment

Early treatment with repurposed drugs is the fastest way to save lives now.

The Problem

A vaccine will likely take a year or more to develop, mass produce, and distribute.

Once available, a vaccine may only work on 50-70% of patients, and some people will resist taking it.


Repurposing existing drugs could produce life-saving treatment in a matter of months.


We must find an effective treatment patients can take immediately after infection, before hospitalization becomes necessary.

Our Solution

Identify early treatments by funding outpatient clinical trials of the most promising existing drugs that could reduce coronavirus deaths by 75% or more.

Treat Early

Treating at first infection keeps people out of hospitals, avoids irreversible health damage and helps us reopen the world safely.

Backed by Experts

“Testing the top antiviral drugs must be our #1 priority. It is critical to raise funds to enable this testing to take place as soon as possible”

Siddhartha Mukherjee, MD, PhD
Pulitzer Prize winning author Researcher & Physician
Columbia University

The need

$20 million for clinical trials

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$20 million will enable us to immediately fund 10+ promising trials to find effective treatments.
Our word-class scientists and medical experts have vetted a portfolio of outpatient trials, but they need funding.