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Participating in an outpatient clinical trial is one of the best ways to access potentially lifesaving treatments for COVID-19.

CETF sponsored clinical trials focus on repurposed drugs already proven to be safe, so the risks to participants are minimal. An extensive list of ongoing clinical trials can be found here.  

Currently these CETF supported clinical trials are open for enrollment nationally:

Washington University School of Medicine – Contactless Clinical Trial for COVID-19 Treatment with Fluvoxamine

STOP COVID Trial is a randomized controlled trial that aims to help slow the progression of COVID-19 symptoms in symptomatic patients in the United States. The study is contactless meaning volunteers may participate without leaving their home. Medication and study supplies are delivered by a courier or shipped overnight. We hope the study will demonstrate whether or not taking a medication, fluvoxamine, will help to prevent worsening of symptoms and prevent hospitalization. Learn more here.

More Clinical Trials

Choosing to join a clinical trial is an important personal decision. Talk with your doctor about joining a clinical trial. You may also call to get more information about joining an ACTIV or ACTIV-associated clinical trial. A real person will answer your questions and help you navigate the options. Visit or to find a clinical trial, or call 877-414-8106

The importance of outpatient trials and treatments has been documented in several medical journals:

“Recent attention has been focused on the potential of early treatment for individuals with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection at high risk for serious outcomes. Yet, there is a noteworthy absence of treatments proven to be efficacious for patients with early or mild infection. Immediate benefits of such treatments include improvement of patient outcomes and prevention of hospitalizations. Longer-term benefits may include prevention of the chronic sequelae of infection as well as prevention of transmission by shortening the period of infectiousness. Outpatient treatments for COVID-19, coupled with an effective vaccine, would have significant implications for the ability to end this pandemic.” –Peter S. Kim, MD1; Sarah W. Read, MD, MHS1; Anthony S. Fauci, MD2

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