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CETF is the only organization in the world that exclusively funds outpatient clinical trials for COVID-19 treatments. We encourage eligible applicants to apply to our grant program while also pursuing additional funding sources, including the NCATS grant program for repurposed drugs.

We are not accepting new applications at this time. Come back later for more updates.
Send us a link to your proposal. No need to reformat for us. Just be sure it covers the standard items. You know the drill. Most people have a single PDF with everything, but you can send us a hyperlink to a directory with all the materials as well (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc). Be sure to include CV's of the investigators.
How much have you raised from other sources so far to pay for the trial
How much money would you need us to supply to be able to get this party started immediately?
If you get a funding commitment from us in 3 days from now, when do you expect to start the trial?
Earliest date where your DSMB has to pull the plug because your trial was too successful
(or FDA equivalent if you are outside the US)
This is the total cost of the trial (not how much more you need to complete).

Due to limited funding, we do not fund startup companies or observational studies and no indirect costs are allowed. We only fund outpatient trials that have the near-term potential to significantly reduce hospitalization and/or mortality rates. Read more ›

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